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SEP 5, 2018


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Terese began her career 26 years ago at the age of 20. By the time she was 22 she was a licensed broker and was running the company for her mother, Audrey Mondello, who at that time took a long-term leave of absence. This experience proved invaluable for Terese in gaining hands-on, life-long skills in business management, servicing clients and facilitating negotiations between buyers and sellers.
Being raised by my grandmother Audrey and Mother Catherine, both in real estate, I can say that it’s in “my blood.” It was after 17 years of running a local health and fitness club and having my first daughter Kenzleigh I realized the benefits of working for my family business.
Providing comprehensive client service has always been a priority in Margaret Mondello’s career. In 1988 she worked as the Administrative Assistant to the President of a marketing communications firm in New York City, whose major clients were the C-level executives of Mobil Oil Corporation.
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